Tech Tip: Chromebook Software Update

Tech Tip: Chromebook Software Update

TSI has experienced a lot of incoming issues that involving a Chromebook not turning on, we have discovered that almost all of those Chromebooks are not getting updated, which means that the Chromebooks are not getting turned off fully, at least once a week (which makes the Chromebook look for an update, and update if available.) . TSI has come up with a solution. Follow the instructions below to update your Chromebook manually.

  1. Go to your dock and click your profile picture
  2. Click the gear icon 
  3. Move to the top of that window where you’ll see three lines at the top left
  4. Click that menu  and move down towards where it says “More about Chrome OS”
  5. Click on it and click on “Check for Updates”
  6. If it says there’s an update let the computer update it, it will take less than 30 seconds

Remember to always turn your Chromebook fully off at least once a week to help reduce this issue.

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