Chromebook Protection Plan

Damaged Chromebooks

Damaged middle school Chromebooks will be transported by District technology support staff to York for repair. York students must bring their Chromebooks to the Technology Services Internship (TSI) classroom for technical support and repair. TSI is located in room A232 and it is open periods 1, 4, 5, and 8.  TSI is also open 15 minutes before and after school.

Students in TSI,  under the guidance and supervision of the TSI teacher, will assess damage, perform the repair, and notify the student of the repair completion and cost if not covered by the Chromebook Protection Plan. For repairs that are not covered by CPP, students are charged for the cost of part(s) plus Illinois sales tax and a 3.5% processing fee to cover transaction costs. There is no charge for labor and no markup on parts. Invoices are sent to the student’s D205 email and to the parent email(s) on record. Payment can be made in person at Technology Services Internship (TSI) in York room A232 or paid online by following the instructions provided on the invoice. TSI accepts credit cards, cash, or checks made out to York High School.

If you have any questions about TSI, email us at or call us at 630-834-4530 x2874.

Chromebook Protection Plan

Loaners, if available, are provided to students whose Chromebooks are in repair. Students from York may take loaner Chromebooks home with them. Middle School students may not take their loaner Chromebook home with them.  Students are responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to the loaner device. Short-term (daily) loaners are not available to students who neglect to bring a fully-charged Chromebook to school.

The charges for a lost or damaged loaner Chromebook are shown below. These charges below, show the market cost to replace or repair the device. The charge helps offset the District’s loss; in many cases the cost to repair or replace the device far exceeds the charge.

For more info about pricing visit our Repair Costs Page.

*Prices are subject to change