General Info

Internet Access

Elmhurst 205 is pleased to announce a partnership with Sprint ConnectED that provides free home Internet access to eligible students with no Internet access at home.

Families who apply and meet the qualification criteria will receive a Wi-Fi hotspot device that allows a computer or Chromebook to connect to the Internet. This hotspot device is on loan to the student for up to four years while he or she remains enrolled in District 205.

Through this partnership, Sprint will provide 3GB per month of free high-speed Wi-Fi Internet service. When monthly usage exceeds 3GB, speeds may be reduced for the remainder of the monthly plan cycle and restored to 3GB when the next plan month begins. Because of the 3GB limit and because this service is available to access the academic curriculum, the service is intended for use only by District 205 students to whom the device is assigned and for educational purposes only.

If you do not have Internet access in your home and would like to apply for the program, please complete this application form and return it to your child’s school.

Note: Elmhurst 205 receives no payments or incentives from Sprint for sharing information about the Sprint ConnectED program.

Low Cost Internet

If one of your children is eligible for the free or reduced lunch program your family may qualify for Comcast Internet Essentials, a low cost Internet connection. Information is available at

Note: Elmhurst 205 receives no payments or incentives for sharing information about Comcast Internet Essentials, which is a third party separate from Elmhurst 205.

Chromebook Repair & Replacement

For information about the Chromebook Protection Plan, visit the CPP Page