Middle Schoolers

Training Videos

Middle Schoolers,

If you have returned your signed sheet to your school, you are able to bring you Chromebook home during this school year.  It’s our job to help you understand the use and care of your Chromebook.  If you have any questions speak with your teacher, or send us an email at tsi@elmhurst205.org.

Tip #1

If your Chromebook got lost or stolen, tell your teacher as soon as possible. The sooner you tell them, the sooner we can start to help.

Tip #2

If you are at home or school and have a blocked website come up that you need access to, talk to your teacher about it with a screenshot (Ctrl +  )and the website link to the website.

Tip #3

When you are biking, make sure that your Chromebook is in your bag securely and doesn’t move around.  Also, do not place it in front or behind heavy books.  This can cause any damage to your Chromebook with the screen especially is there is too much movement.