Repair Costs

Chromebook Repair Costs

Dell 11

LCD Screen $39.99
LCD Case$16.99
Bottom Case$4.92

Acer R11

LCD Screen*see below
LCD Case$11.57
Bottom Case$5.01
Right/Left Hinge$7.05

Prices shown do not included State tax and TSI Processing Fee per the Chromebook Protection Policy of District 205.

Charger Pricing


Chargers are now for purchase at TSI.

Dell 11 (Seniors)  $10

Acer R11 (Juniors) $10

Lenovo 500E (Freshman and Sophomore) $16.20

Acer and Lenovo Screens

A replacement touch screen costs between $125 – $160 depending on the model. Therefore, a deductible for touch screen replacements (Acer and Lenovo models only) will be assessed as followed:

  • First Incident per year: $50
  • Subsequent incident(s) per year: $75 each

Dell models with non-touch screens are not assessed a deducible because the screen cost is under $50.