Repair Costs

Chromebook Repair Costs

Dell 11

LCD Screen $39.99
LCD Case$16.99
Bottom Case$4.92

Acer R11

LCD Screen*see below
LCD Case$11.57
Bottom Case$5.01
Right/Left Hinge$7.05

Charger Pricing

Charging units for Dell, Acer, and Lenovo Chromebooks are handled by Beck’s Bookstore.

For more information please contact Beck’s Bookstore at 630-617-2441.

Acer and Lenovo Screens

A replacement touch screen costs between $125 – $160 depending on the model. Therefore, a deductible for touch screen replacements (Acer and Lenovo models only) will be assessed as follows:

  • First Incident per year: $50
  • Subsequent incident(s) per year: $75 each

Dell models with non-touch screens are not assessed a deducible because the screen cost is under $50.