Chromebook Tips

Don’t let your battery get to 0%. If it does die, and won’t turn on once plugged in, you will need to complete the following steps. Unplug your charger from the wall, then plug the charger back into the wall and re-plug it into your Chromebook. Open your Chromebook and make sure the light on the LEFT side is red and stays on. The Chromebook should sit for 5 minutes, with the lid open. The screen will be black (unlit) and will eventually turn on. Once it does, it will begin to charge. If you let it get to 0% charge, the attempt to charge it,  it will not charge unless you do these steps.

Protect your power and volume buttons by putting the power button side UP in your backpack, not down. Several student’s power buttons breaking because students are not careful with how they carry their Chromebook. This is a delicate, small component and needs to stay protected in your bag. We highly recommend a case for your Chromebook, but if you choose to not use one, your best bet is keeping that side of your Chromebook facing UP in your bag so it doesn’t get damaged when you put your bag down on the ground.

Please be careful when you use your headphones! Pull them gently out of the headphone jack if you use them and remove them from your Chromebook by pulling on the cord as close to the body of your Chromebook as possible, rather than from the far end of the headphones near the earbuds. Pulling them further up on the headphone cords away from the body of your Chromebook may damage the port where they plug in.

Refrain from charging your phone from your Chromebook.  This damages the battery, which could result in a replacement needed.